Tips for improving wellbeing

This page gives some ideas of ways to stay mentally well. Some ideas might help you to relax and cope better with challenges if you are waiting for your therapy to start, and in between your regular sessions, and also once your therapy has come to an end. 

- Take time for yourself. Get creative. Keep a word/picture/photo journal. Get active. Go for a gentle walk in nature, and notice what's around you. Try yoga. Breath deeply into your stomach, and really focus on relaxing every part of your body. Read a good book. Listen to music. Have a warm bath with essential oils. Learn something new.

- Build positive relationships. Make time for friends and/or loved ones. Volunteer. Use peer support. Join a group. Talk to someone about how you feel.

- Tell people what helps. It can be frustrating when people try to help and get it wrong. Help them to help you. 

- Keep a mood diary. This can be useful to bring along to your therapy sessions. Understanding any triggers to low/high mood can help you plan better. 

- Be kind to yourself. Don't put pressure on yourself. It's ok to not be ok. Give yourself a break. Think of what a person who really cares about you would tell you to do, or take the advice you would give to someone you care about if they were feeling low. 

- Have a break from technology. Our brains can be full at the best of times, without overloading it with social media. Think of something else that's positive that you can do with your time away from your phone, tablet, console game, TV. It will help your brain to switch off and relax. 

- Stay safe. If you need to talk to someone or if you are having suicidal thoughts, call the Samaritans. Someone will be there to answer your call 24/7 on 116 123. The number is FREE to call.